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Relocation of the Hans-Böckler-School, Frankfurt on the Main
The implementation of a new school development plan, lead to structural and spatial changes at the schools in Frankfurt. Including the Hans-Böckler-School, mainly orientated to trading professions, with a space shortage problem, which was to be solved by relocating the school in the vacant school building at Oppenheimer Landstraße 15. In addition to that, several classrooms for socially disadvantaged teenagers had to be integrated. The conditions of realising the project were settled within a feasibility study.


Calculation of space requirements

The beginning of the project work consists in assessing requirements, establishing a space program and coordinating dialogs with representatives of the three schools, affected by reorganisation.

Basic work was followed by a space utilisation design and balancing future room demand with available space. As the available building couldn't fully accommodate the space program, alternative suggestions to extend the building were presented in succession.

Basic data

Period of work:
12/2002 to 02/2003
City Frankfurt on the Main represented by the local school authority


Space utilisation design
Determination of usable space
Variant design concepts