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Job training school centres, Frankfurt/M
The Hamburger Allee location is marked by two historical school buildings, which were erected as job training schools for graphics and design industry and as a secondary school at the beginning of the 20th century.
Reacting to new space requirements, the Gutenberg School and the Frankfurt School of Clothing and Fashion Design were to be reorganised and relocated in the two historical buildings.


Space use and functions

The project feasibility was checked within a brief. The study showed that the required space was available in the existing buildings. Merely one addition had to be provided, to accommodate the dry-cleaners.

The determining factor for this result was the fact that, in addition to the assembly hall and the gymnasium, both schools agreed to use the science laboratories together.  continue

Basic data

Period of work: 1999 bis 2003
Considered usable main space:
Gutenberg School: 5,650 m²
Fashion School: 4,200 m²
Furniture/Equipment: 3,6 Mill. €
Architect: Jourdan & Müller,
PAS, Frankfurt on the Main


Removal planning
Furniture and equipment design
Room data schedule