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Job training school at Hamburger Allee, Frankfurt/M
The Gutenberg School and the Frankfurt School of Clothing and Fashion Design were reorganised and relocated at the Hamburger Allee School location. Within these measures all the furniture and equipment was renewed.


Fashion School: furniture and equipment of a sewing workshop

The Frankfurt School of Clothing was equipped with industrial tailoring workshops, hairdressing and cosmetic studios and computing classrooms.
The printing technology area of the Gutenberg School had to be designed from the preliminary stage to further processing. In addition to that, ateliers for photographers, editing and sound effects studios for digital media designers and interior and shop decorators' workshops were furnished and equipped.  continue

Basic data

Period of work: 1999 to 20037
Considered usable main space:
Gutenberg School: 5,650 m²
Fashion School: 4,200 m²
Furniture/Equipment: 3.6 mill. €
Architect: Jourdan & Müller, PAS, Frankfurt on the Main


Removal planning
Furniture and equipment design
Room data schedule