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Sports- and recreational activity park, New-Tivoli, Innsbruck

A master plan had to be developed for the 'Pradl-Süd' area, based on an urban development design. The site had to be adequately structuralised, accounting for a large offer of recreational and sport activities and considering the requirements of private clients and investors.


The stadium was inaugurated in September 2000

Within the first stage the multipurpose football stadium was realised. Gus was assigned with the following scope of work:

Organisation of the architects and developers competition
A room data schedule with detailed quality specifications was established (basis for fixed prices in tendering)
Consultation throughout the whole planning procedure
Basic data

Period of work: 1992 - 1997
Building site: 127,000 m²
Football stadium: 15,000
(to 30,000) seats
Architect: A. Wimmer, Vienna
Client: ISpA GmbH, Austria


Master plan
Room data schedule
Competition management