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Evaluation of cost saving building of nursing homes
Four new nursing homes were surveyed, which compared to similar projects, had very cheap cost values per bed. Architects had to find out which factors were relevant for these results and if there was any sense in applying them to other projects.


Analysis of building costs relating to area

At first comparable criteria were defined for basic evaluation, then, costs and spaces were analysed taking mixed use and other in situ specifications of singular locations into account.

Following calculations showed the effects of different concepts, in terms of structure and space configuration of living rooms and sanitary units, on building costs.

Basic data

Period of work:
07/1997 to 03/1998
Costs per bed:
max. 160,000 DM
Client: Ministry of Social Affairs
Cooperation: Weeber +
Partner and Social Design, Stuttgart


Analysis of the space allocation plans and the building costs
Analysis of the buildings
Final report