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Demand anlaysis for professional job training centres
The survey carried out by GUS in 1998 gave information about long term and middle term demand of job training work shops in the building industry in the New Laender. By comparing the demand with available places both shortages and surplus could be determined.


Available job training work shops compared to demand

Demographic and statistical population and educational behaviour data and prognoses of developments in the building industry were used in the preliminary stages of model calculation variants.

Results provided information about the age-group quote of teenagers intending to take job training in the building industry on a middle term basis. In the final report, the existing job training schools were listed and compared to the future demand with respect to the specifics of the location and the state.

Basic data

Period of work: 02/98 to 06/98
Client: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Bonn


Data evaluation
Estimates to the number of job training entrants
Definition of parameters
Calculation of work shop demand
Nominal/actual value ratio