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Interior design and equipment of upper grade job training school centres
Upper grade job training school centres are vocational schools, which incorporate different job training school models. Within a program appendix several new building projects were completed in the east side of town, whereby, GUS was assigned to design and acquire the equipment and fittings of five upper grade job training school centres.


OSZ Building Services Engineering: heating engineering laboratory

In addition to standard school classroom chattels specifications were applied to the following school locations:

OSZ Building Services Engineering:
9 laboratories for gas/water and heating engineering and 3 laboratories for applied sciences
OSZ Industry and EDP (electronic data processing):
3 EDP-classrooms (56 PC-stations) and the network topology
Basic data

Period of work: 1994 to 2001
for a total of 3,300 pupils
Costs: total of 9 mill. €
Client: State Berlin, represented by the Senate Department of Urban Development


Conceptual and final design
Tendering and award of contract
Bill of costs
Site management
Data based space allocation schedule