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Chief water supply department Wiesbaden
The chief water supply department, located on three sites and consisting of water works, administration buildings and laboratories showed structural, organisational, technical or functional defects.
After having analysed and evaluated the overall situation a master plan considering future developments had to be worked out.


As built-drawing ground floor of
the Rhein water treatment plant

GUS developed a master plan listing more than 280 rooms, of three locations. The information was displayed in a diagram showing the present, middle-term and the long term demand of development, with regard to specific objectives.

Therefore new building demands, the scope of work to reorganise the space layout and necessary investment costs were calculated and a computer aided scenario-management program was developed, which could be updated.

Basic data

Period of work: 08/94 to 12/94
Gross floor space: 17,800 m²
Client: vedewa (Communal Association of Water, Waste and Energy Industry), Stuttgart


Evaluation of the building
Development scenarios
Building costs estimates