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Expertise of vocational training centres
Based on a governmental subvention program to build, enlarge, equip and modernise vocational training centres GUS consults applicants in project development and acts as a support in establishing sustainable concepts. Finally the client receives specifications; the relative project is ranged in the general conditions of subsidy guidelines and recommendations for further implementation.


Approximately 1,400 expert reports have been issued

The project is divided into three parts, which depending on assignment, can be dealt with in a row or individually.

Part 1 - Brief:
Person appearance data and the type, range and location of lessons are reviewed and evaluated with regard to the space utilisation program

Part 2 - Building design and costs:
Includes expert monitoring of the planning procedure with regard to functional and economical aspects and considering the individual specifications of an object   continue

Basic data

Period of work: since 1975
Client: Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Bonn


Expert reports
Design guidelines