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The Martha-Maria Deaconry Organisation in Nuremberg
The Martha-Maria Deaconry Organisation maintains hospitals, old peoples' homes and recreational institutions at various locations in southern Germany. Currently the deaconry is realising several building projects to keep up care taking standards and is checking and evaluating locations with regard to development potentials.


Exemplary projects 
Project management services and safeguarding of quality standards of the following projects:
The new Hilde -and Eugen Krempel house in Stuttgart, mainly for geronto psychiatry
House Pilgerruhe, in Nagold, new building
Georg-Kropp-Altenzentrum (Senior-Citizen-Centre), in Wüstenrot, new building
Advise on questions concerning feasibility, functional flows, building standards and costs
Nursing home at Tiergartenweg in Stuttgart
Comparison of alternative operational concepts of assisted living facilities
Basic data

Design and project management services on behalf of the Marta-Maria-Deaconry Organisation
Social Design, Stuttgart


Project development
Project management
Planning advice