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Magistrate of City Frankfurt on the Main — Local Education Office
The local education office is responsible for the facility management of approx. 170 general education schools and 18 job-training centres and represents the schools in matters concerning building, equipment and maintenance. Due to long term experience in school design GUS is assigned with different planning and design tasks relating to that fact.


Exemplary projects
School quality standards, 2003:
Feasibility studies, implementation of the School Development Plan for job training schools, 2003
Furniture and equipment design of the Gutenberg School and the Frankfurt School of Clothing and Fashion Design 1999 to 2003
Extension, modification and equipment of the Philipp-Holzmann-School, 1995 to 1997
Based-on-case development of room data manual structures, 1991/1992
Model room data programs for general education schools, 1992/1993
Basic data

Design assigned by the Magistrate of City Frankfurt on the Main, Local Education Office


Design/equipment standards
Building costs analyses
Project development