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Departement of Defense Dependents Schools
The Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) maintains a network of schools for members of the American Armed Forces with children. The European US Army Corps of Engineers (COE) office is based in Wiesbaden and is the main contractor for building projects assigned by the school administrative body. GUS has been supporting the school administrative body since 1979 in designing and constructing new schools, as well as in as-built documentation and school modernisation.


Exemplary projects

Several school buildings were designed and completed during the 1980ies:
New Elementary- and High School Patch Barracks Stuttgart
New Elementary School Hanau
Elementary School - extensions in Hohenfels, Weiherhof, Frankfurt, Stuttgart etc

Modernisation work during the 1990ies:

Data network installations
Barrier-free planning
Fire prevention and protection
Basic data

Period of work: 1979 to 2003
Client: US Army Corps of
Engineers (COE) for DoDDS
Cooperation: Baker and
Ass., Pittsburgh, USA; STV Incorporated, Baltimore, USA


Conceptual design
As-built survey and evaluation
Costs variables