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Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB), Bonn

As project initiator for Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), BIBB administrates the field of functions "Innovation of vocational education and training and continuing vocational education''. GUS has been working for BIBB continuously within the promotion scheme for inter-company vocational training facilities (ÜBS) since 1975.


Exemplary projects
Within the sector of inter-company vocational training, the following projects were handled:
Consultation of applicants, project development expertises, since 1975 continuously
Requirements analysis of gradual job training in the building profession, 1998
Ratings for building and equipment costs, 1980/1981, update 1987 and 1995
Equipment of model job training centres in Central- and Eastern Europe
Design guidelines for building and equipment of inter-company vocational training facilities
Basic data

Approx. 1,400 expertises of 400 objects; 16 design guidelines on 13 vocational training fields
Client: Federal Ministry of
Education and Research / BIBB


Determination of requirements
Checking and evaluation
Design-/ building-/ equipment standards
Building costs analyses
Project development